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We’ve all been there. The corporate networking event with the trays of cheese cubes and crackers. The product launch presentation that would have been just as exciting if read in an email. The conference room with beige walls, fluorescent lighting, and uncomfortable folding chairs. 

Don’t let history repeat itself.  Crystal Signature Events prides itself on thinking outside of the box to plan, execute, and elevate corporate events from start to finish that are seamless, unique, and wow-worthy. Read on to learn our top 5 ways to elevate your corporate event so that the next time you are planning an employee appreciation event, corporate awards gala, year-end celebration or holiday party, or VIP client dinner you will raise the bar and leave your guests with lasting impressions. 


Where the event takes place is a crucial consideration. The venue should unique, and be more than a big empty box that simply meets your budget and can hold everyone. The intrigue of a new location alone will build excitement for your guests - all before the event has even started!    

  • Take the opportunity to think beyond the typical event venues like hotels and conference centers in order to find a space that is unique and captivating. 
  • Incorporate a theme or feeling for the event. This will provide focus when researching event venues and keep the overall event cohesive.  If you want modern and upbeat you may lean towards a venue like The Crane Bay, where if you want elegance and grandeur you may prefer something like The Indiana Roof Ballroom instead. For a warm and rustic vibe, The Heirloom at N. K. Hurst is one of Indy’s newest venues perfect for corporate events and parties. 
  • Keep in mind the convenience of location when researching. If an event is too far or obscure it may become a hassle for people to want to attend. If it coincides with a convention, a downtown location might also be important. 

The Heirloom at N. K. Hurst -One of Indy’s best Venues for Corporate events


Nothing can make or break an event quicker than the catering. Be sure to enlist the expertise of your caterer when planning food for your corporate event. Event caterers, like Crystal’s culinary experts, are masters at creating the perfect menu for your guests. Plus, they are on the front lines of what is trending now, what are certain crowd pleasers, and what will have your guests coming back for more.

  • Capture your guests' dietary restrictions when collecting RSVPs to ensure as many needs are met as possible
  • Think through the different styles of catering service and what would work best for the flow of your event
  • Guests want to be well fed and taken care of so food and beverage is not the line item to skimp on. Creating a menu that is as aesthetically pleasing as well as tasty and filling will encourage photo taking and sharing on social media which will boost your company as well. Depending on the type of event, adult drink options may also be important, and an opportunity to impress!

Best Corporate Event Catering - The Heirloom at N. K. Hurst in Indianapolis


Two events should never be the same. A guest shouldn’t walk into the venue and not be sure if they are in the right location or not. Adding in personalization will pull everything together and create a unique experience and positive brand interaction. Below are some specific ways to achieve that.

  • Using Edible Ink and Paper, Crystal Signature Events can print your desired logo and top one of our signature cocktails with it.
  • Everyone loves free stuff, which is why swag is an ideal opportunity to brand your event. Just be sure the items you are giving away actually offer real value and are something people would want to use.
  • Photo opportunities can add value long after the event is over. Whether a step and repeat or photo booth or custom wall, photos not only create lasting memories but can also easily be shared on your guests social channels, further spreading your brand and message

Personalize Your Corporate Event - The Hierloom in Downtown Indianapolis


Choose a location with versatile layout options and moveable furniture to create more intimate spaces within the venue. For example, The Crane Bay Event Center offers an indoor fireplace and white leather couches while The Heirloom at N.K. Hurst has velvet couches and gold-trimmed coffee tables, all of which create perfect lounge zones. Whether you need a space for a presentation, cocktail hour, or formal dinner, find a venue that is able to customize to your needs.

  • Think beyond rows of chairs for presentations. Mixed seating, if space allows, gives guests options to go where feels the most comfortable as well as encourages engagement and interaction
  • Having a venue that provides a full-service approach to event planning will assist greatly in determining layout and seating options available
  • Using a company like A Classic Party Rental is another way to expand your seating options to match the colors and theme of your event. Be sure to also check out this article for more ideas on the best seating arrangement for your event.
  • Consider venues that have indoor, and outdoor flexibility, to take advantage on weather and views of downtown Indianapolis.

Indianapolis Corporate Events - The Heirloom in Indianapolis


Choosing a location that has built-in audiovisual and flexible lighting or a preferred vendor that knows the ins and outs of the space will take your event to the next level. The Crane Bay has LED lighted panels and columns, as well as moving lights,  which are both a favorite with our clients. Crystal is proud to have Markey’s as our exclusive audio-visual provider at each of our venues.  

  • Event lighting can really set the mood and tone. Incorporating options like uplights, pin lights, and gobos will turn your event into an experience. 
  • Rethink your presentations. If you want to make an impact consider adding in interactive elements like live polling, VR, and question apps
  • Incorporate an element of surprise. For example, The Indiana Roof Ballroom has a simulated thunderstorm effect that always delights our guests.

Using Technology For Corporate Events - Best Indianapolis Venues

Following these tips to elevate your next Indianapolis corporate event, will help your guests to make new connections, have an appreciation for your company and culture, and leave a long-lasting impression. Please reach out if you’d like the expertise of Crystal Signature Events and The Heirloom to raise the bar on your next corporate event.